Register as a patient

To register, please download and complete the forms below for each individual. Please return these preferably in person to the practice with some identification for the forms to be checked, if this is not possible please post or email and we will review your application(s). Normally we request ID on registration but for the time being, we will request to see this at a later date.

GMS1 GP Registration Form
New Patient Questionnaire
New Patient Questionnaire Under 16yrs
Children’s Services Form 5yrs and Under
Text Message and Email Consent Form

In addition, please ensure you have read the following documents:

Your Summary Care Record
Your GP Shared Record

Although you may be registered with a particular doctor you can make appointments to see any doctor of your choice, though you may not always get an appointment with that doctor at short notice. You will be able to see the on-call doctor for an urgent problem within 24 hours, but if you want to see a particular doctor, you will be offered the next available appointment with that doctor.

If you are not able to keep an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that someone else can use it.

We would ask that at all times you show respect to our staff. We reserve the right to take steps to have any patient who is violent or abusive removed from our list after due warning.

The only grounds, other than geographical, for refusing to accept a patient would be a previous breakdown in the relationship with the GP, or a history of violence.

You may register with this practice if you live within our practice area:
(Click map to enlarge)

Leyburn practice boundary

Out of area registration

If you move outside of our normal boundaries or are already outside of them it is still possible to register with us on a restricted basis as an out of area patient. The restriction is that we will not provide you with home visits, which instead will be provided by the nearest doctors’ practice to where you live. You would also have to be registered as a non-dispensing patient meaning you would need to collect your medication from a selected chemist/pharmacy rather than the practice.

Please telephone reception if you are interested in this type of registration, for which some further clinical restrictions may apply depending on your healthcare needs.

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